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I SEE YOU, EM PERKINS (MG Contemporary)

Em Perkins' distracted writer father has Relapsing-Remitting MS, and her grandmother has cataracts. Em herself has a case of Relapsing-Remitting invisibility, and it's about to become chronic. The day she writes a description of herself into her father's novel, and he deletes it, she knows time is running out to make herself visible again. But when she snips one of Mrs. Hindley's roses, she hears the words that change everything. "I see you, Em Perkins." Bad deeds can make an invisible child visible, if only for a little while. But when Em's unlikely friend, dirty, chubby, neglected Henry is going to have to spend three weeks in summer with his abusive father, Emily knows they've got to become visible, permanently. Otherwise how will anyone pay attention to what they say, and how can she save Henry? How to pull it off--commit an act of Ultimate Evil.

THE FUNERAL PACT (YA Contemporary)

Holly Reese didn't think Coach Gellar was going to die. Which matters. A lot. Everyone in their small town has a story for where Mike Gellar earned his secret millions, and when he quit teaching high school to live a private life at home, everyone thought they knew why. Who wants to teach annoying teenagers when you could be swimming in your private pool and chatting with your stock broker?

But Holly should never have signed that stupid funeral pact. If she hadn't, she wouldn't have shin splints right now. And she wouldn't be about to embarrass herself by trying to run the Escalante Canyons Marathon. Trying. Holly is Escalante High School's fat girl. It's how she defines herself. It's how she knows she's never going to get to date Josh Samson. Or anyone for that matter. It's why she doesn't do things like run one of the most grueling and rugged marathons in the world. It doesn't matter now that if she had died first, Coach Gellar would have scattered Holly's ashes on Splash Mountain, and painted her image down the whole side of his house. Because Mike Gellar is dead. And Holly is going to die if she tries to run up those freaking mountains.

But what if all that money everyone in town is salivating over is real? Because Mike Gellar's possible millions are going to be given to four teens from Holly's high school. The four kids (un?)lucky enough to have been chosen to sign funeral pacts. The only problem? The other four teens all have to accomplish equally grueling tasks. And one of them is already rich enough that she's not even interested. The will can't be read until all four pacts are fulfilled. Will four unlikely allies come together to accomplish the impossible? And will they ever be the same again?

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